in its fourth generation

Back in 1936 when my grandfather took over his birthplace from his parents, the property already had a licence for the sale of alcohol for over 60years. My great grandfather, Franz Stra├čer, was licensed because he sold the most quantity of beer of all places in Eitting as well as he offered warm and cold food all year, so the local authority were more than happy with the taxable revenue. The licence has been in place for the property ever since my great grandfather bought it for the amount of 20.000 mark in the year 1893.

In 1938 my grandfather renovated the pub completely which was still joined to the agricultural building. In 1972, with the guidance of my parents Eva and Sebastian Strasser, this part of the building was turned in to the Guesthouse with rooms.

Passionate hosting

and friendly atmosphere

Having grown up in the Business I studied a hotel apprenticeship for three years and then went for different practical experiences in Germany and abroad. I completed it with a two years Hotel management course in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This enabled me to take the business in 2004.

Since 2007 my husband Benjamin has joined me. Together we love to travel and be inspired by new culinary experiences.
We have recently invested in our business and built six self-catering apartments for long term guests to complete our concept. With this new part of our business we have fulfilled our concept to be more modern and up to date.